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Trans Women Of Color

TWOC Healing Project also known as Trans Women Of Color Healing Project was founded by Toi Washington-Reynolds in Birmingham, Al in 2019,and later moved to Georgia in the Spring of 2020. The Trans Women of Color (TWOC)  Healing Project has the mission of speaking knowledge to power and combating the erasure of Trans lives, narratives, and most importantly trans contributions to society. Our goal is to raise awareness for the great work of trans women of color, their families, communities, relationships and movements, and to prevent their erasure from the greater tapestry of humanity. The TWOC Healing Project is situated in Newnan ,GA  a suburb midway between Atlanta, GA, and Columbus Ga, and easily accessible to four large counties in rural Georgia: Coweta County, South Fulton, Troup County, and Muscogee County.

Toi Washington-Reynolds
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Experienced and efficient senior management leader with a demonstrated history of success in managing operations and leading high-performing teams to exceed goals. Throughout my career, I’ve played a significant role in translating ideas and insights into cohesive programs that deliver value to the population served. 

In my previous roles, I have exhibited the ability to develop operational plans, set comprehensive goals and implement strategies to improve productivity, drive efficiencies, and grow the organization while supporting the values I am passionate about. 

Currently, I serve as the Director at Trans Women of Color Healing Project, whose objective is to inform, educate, and authentically represent Trans Women of Color communities through immersive educational programs. In this capacity, I provide leadership and strategy in aspects such as planning, executing, and monitoring of programs to ensure that the operations are seamless in support of achieving organizational goals. 

In parallel, I also serve as a Faculty Member at the Transgender Strategy Center that helps elevate and amplify transgender voices and leadership within communities across the US. Facilitating program development, growth, and capacity building are areas that I focus on in this role. In aid of catalyzing impact-driven changes, I strategically plan innovative programs geared towards skill development of transgender and gender non-conforming (TGNC) leaders to become recognized and compensated leaders, aligning with our principle of economic equity.

With a background deeply rooted in research and analysis, grantmaking, capacity building, program development, and strategic planning. My passion lies in implementing plans and strategies to drive lasting changes to the communities that I serve. Combining my extensive experience with my polished communication and stakeholder management skills, I’m uniquely positioned to design strategies together with high-profile community leaders and other stakeholders. 

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