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TWOC Healing Through Herstory Series

 TWOC Healing Through History Combats the erasure of trans lives, narratives, and existences by including Trans Elders in the discovery, documentation, collection, and preservation of the history and culturally specific healing practices of Trans Women of Color leaders. This erasure has resulted in a history devoid of the outstanding work of Trans Folk, their families, community relationships, and the life-changing Social Justice Movements founded by these incredible beings.


This erasure has resulted in a community that has not been exposed to critical self-affirming possibility models and, as a result, has been unable to learn and implement the lessons and teachings of their elders and how they survived.


We will  Plan monthly interviews with TWOC elders in the community where we will take a journey through the past to better understand the now ,as we find solutions to collectively start our  Healing Journeys  TODAY!!!


“TWOC Healing Through History Series" will identify topics to discuss on related topics of historically used healing methods and methodologies for transwomen of color, and how those techniques and methods from the past, in combination with other techniques and providers, can potentially be used as an agent of healing for the


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