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Twoc Healing Project

The Trans Women of Color Healing Project mission is to combat the erasure of Trans peoples'  lives, narratives, and contributions to society. We speak truth to power and also uplift the stories that center TWOC people, our families, our communities,

and our movement


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About Twoc

Founded  in 2019 The Trans Women of Color Healing Project, TWOCHP, has created many services to better equip trans women of color, and eliminate barriers that exist in the transgender community. There are many barriers that TWOC Healing project and our community stakeholders have identified as deterrents and obstacles to our overall wellness to include but are not limited to the following:   -Lack of education and equitable employment opportunities, -Lack of access to safe and affirming healthcare, -culturally-specific healing methodologies, -systems of oppressions that are present here in the south.We have been able to complete our core objectives and values while addressing the issues listed above, through our immersive educational program  designed to give TWOC Communities the knowledge and resources to navigate success daily with a focus on the harm reduction approach of self-analysis, and individually defined healing strategies.


We believe Affirmation,Education,Self Awareness and Self Love improves the health of people, families, and communities.


TWOC Healing Project’s purpose is to use this project and its platform to advocate for the self-affirming tools, while providing our non-traditional and trans-specfic  healing strategies needed to increase the resources and quality of life for black trans women in the south, specifically in Rural Georgia.


Facilitate therapeutic healing session meetings to focus on the holistic awareness and healing of the bodies and health of TWOC participants.

TDOR 2021

We believe in Affirmation,Education,Self Awareness and Self Love improves the health of people, families, and communities.


Creates a virtual space for bi-weekly community connection and therapeutic support.


Combats the erasure of trans lives,narratives and existences and engages people in discovering, documenting, collecting, and preserving the history and culturally-specific healing strategies of Trans Women of Color communities.

TDOV 2022

We believe in Affirmation,Education,Self Awareness and Self Love improves the health of people, families, and communities.


Civic engagement is a powerful tool for social change, enabling individuals to advocate for the needs of the needy and contribute to the betterment of society. By getting involved and staying engaged in their communities, people can create a better world for themselves and those around them.

December to remember 2021

Radical Self-Love during the Holidays:Centering and Advocating for authentic peace and true family”

Peaches to the Poll

Support for trans women of color voters in the south to eliminate barriers that some trans women may encounter.


Gathering and growing our relationships with community members providing a platform and integrate queer and trans pioneers,icons,and artists into the community.

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